“Permanent Residents of the Garrison Cemetery"
Marion Township
Clinton County Ohio
1837 - 1927
(90 Years)

Andrews, Giles Born: 1854
Bozart, Mary Born, 1825
Farquer, Martha A. Born: 1834
Garrison, Allis Born: 1862
Garrison, Amanda Born: 1857
Garrison, Amelia Ann Born: 1859
Garrison, Arwine Born: 1803
Garrison, Benjamin G. Born: 1828
Garrison, Edward Born: 1802
Garrison, Elias Born: 1853
Garrison, Elmore Born: 1875 (Twin to Hester Jane)
Garrison, Fannie Born: 1859
Garrison, George Born: 1861
Garrison, Hester Jane Born: 1859
Garrison, John Born: 1816
Garrison, John J. Born: 1833
Garrison, Lemuel Jefferson Born: 1867
No tombstone but documented.
Garrison, Lewis Born: 1827
Garrison, Wesley

No tombstone but documented.

Garrison, Wilfred S. Born: 1885
Garrison, William Otho Born: 1883
Garritson, Arwine Born: ca 1836
Garritson, Benjamin Born: 1790
Garritson, Jeremiah Born: 1818
Garritson, Jincy (Jane) Mitchell Born: 1799
Garritson, Parsons Born: 1812
Garritson, Rebecka Born: 1789
Gustin, Amy A. Born: 1835 (Twin to Amelia Ann)
Gustin, Jeremiah Born: 1840
Gustin, Mary J. Born:1826
Holly, Henry Born: 1852
No tombstone but documented.
Hudson, Elizabeth Born: 1805
Hudson, Elizabeth A. Keenan Born: 1819
Hudson, George Born: 1872
Hudson, Sarah Born: 1814
Hudson, William W. Born: 1810
Hutchinson; Susannah Pelser Rude Born: 1776
Knicely, Catherine Born: 1793
Knicely, James Born: 1833
Knicely, Lydia Born: 1790
Knicely, Mary A Born: 1867
Knicely, Oscar H. Born: 1880
Knicely, Peter Born 1794
Knicely, Sarah E. Born: 1855
Knicely, William Born: 1852
Laymon, Pemb Born: 1862
Laymon, Sarah E. Born 1832
Laymon, Tenbrook Born: 1862
Martin, John Born: 1831
Martin, Mary Evans Born: 1808
Morlan, James A Born 1872
Nicely, Ann Ingle Born: 1834
Nicely, Jane Born: 1833
Ridgeway, John R. Born: 1877
Ridgeway, Mary Born: 1855
Rude, Eliza J.
Rude, Elizabeth Smith Born: 1841
Rude, Emiline (infant)
Rude, Estella Born 1880
Rude, Esther A. Shull Born: 1839
Rude, Genetta (Nettie) Born: 1874
Rude, George W. Born, 1866
Rude, George W. Born: 1846
Rude, Harvey S. Born 1869
Rude, John Born: 1846
Rude, John Born: 1867
Rude, Joseph Born: 1861
Rude, Lillie (infant; twin of William)
Rude, Nancy Born: 1871
Rude, Nancy Abbott Born: 1810
Rude, Nichodemus Born: 1839
Rude, Peter Born, 1807
Rude, Sarah Born: 1857
Rude, Susan Born: 1871
Rude, William Born: 1835
Rude, William (infant; twin of Lillie) Buried: 4/25/1936
Snider, Sarah Born: 1832
Thompson, Catharine Born: 1814
Warning, Nancy Born: 1858
Wayson, Adaline Born: 1861
Wayson, Ida B. Born: 1866
Wayson, Samuel Born: 1864
Williamson, James

The Bronze sign at the Cemetery now reads “Garrison Cemetery ca 1837 - 1936

Although, the above are all the documented burials at Garrison Cemetery, more information on the above “Permanent Residents” may be found in the book that is available for purchase. (Download Order Form)

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