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The Permanent Residents of the Garrison Cemetery

This book is a family history guide prepared by the Garrison Corner Cemetery Association. This book contains personal and demographic information about those early Ohio pioneers and their descendants, who were buried in this cemetery located on the Shawnee Trace (formerly Mosquito Track Road) about two miles southeast of Blanchester in Marion Township, Clinton County, Ohio

Includes cadastral maps of the area, names of permanent residents (their sex, dates of birth, marriage and death, family ties, daughters, sons, husband or wives) bibliographical references and notes; indices such as veterans and their families and tombstone poetry. 51 pages. For at least 90 years, from 1837 to 1927, the Cemetery served the Garrison Corner Community. During this period of time, there was the great westward expansion and many members of these pioneer families moved west in search of new adventures and lands. Other villages were being created in Marion Township with settlers arriving daily. However, the land surrounding the Garrison Cemetery remained as farm land with fields of alfalfa and corn nearby. This is true even today, over 150 year later.

The main audiences that will benefit from the content of this book are descendants of the residents of the Garrison Cemetery, alumni of the Garrison Corner School and their descendants; friends and neighbors of the former Garrison Corner community, local school children and their teachers; and genealogists and historians from across the nation and from around the globe, who have a special interest in Southern Ohio.

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